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Reconciled! (Romans 5:6-11)
Have you ever had a blowout with someone you loved? I have, and it’s not pretty. A safe place is shattered and the only way to fix it is reconciliation. Sadly, sometimes, it is impossible. Today some families have stopped meeting for holidays because they can’t get along. They argue over politic …
Christine Malkemes,
Jesus' Birth: It's More About the ‘Why’ Than the ‘Where’
Blog by Greg Laurie – “Jesus’ Birth: It’s More About the ‘Why’ Than the ‘Where'” – Let’s not forget that Christ was born to die.
Greg Laurie,
Romans Chapter Five - Booty and Treasures fer All!
Romans Chapter Five The Pirate Bible and Gospel of the Son of Light and Life
Eddie Jones,
How to Have Peace with God
Scripture tells us that the peace of God exceeds anything we can understand. But we can’t experience that peace unless we have peace with God. How do we get peace with God?
Robin McKinley,
A church “in God”? What’s that?
One of the earliest references to the church describes it as a people “in God.” What does that mean? And how does it help us understand our identity and mission?
Allen Browne,
Who is the "he" in Daniel 9 who will confirm the covenant for one week?
The possible antecedents are ‘Messiah’ and ‘prince’. Consider factors such as the role of the covenant in Daniel 9 and the Poetic Pattern.
Andries Jacobus van Niekerk,
The Doctrine of Salvation — House of David Ministries
The word “salvation” in Greek, Soteriology , is derived from two Greek words, Soteria , meaning salvation, and logos , meaning “word, discourse, or doctrine.” Having studied the infinite holy nature of God and the fallen, depraved nature of man, only God could bridge the gap between Himself and H
Eric M. Teitelman,

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