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In Observance of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Today Can Be Different
The weeks leading up to Easter will be a good time to reflect on the significance of Calvary and the empty tomb. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus suffered, died and rose again so that today I can live—and eat—free from oppression. The same power that enabled Jesus to triumph over the grave continues to empower me to triumph over the sin that tried to destroy me so many years ago.
Sheryl H. Boldt,
How will your next moment of temptation go down? - Today Can Be Different
We can decide how our next moment of temptation will go down. The next time we’re tempted to risk gambling away our savings on a “sure bet,” we can kick ourselves and hope the self-loathing won’t last as long as it did last time, or we can experience a true sense of victory.
Sheryl H. Boldt,
Sin is Not Your Master
I like being married to an accountant. Not only is she excessively cute and willing to be seen in public with me, but she is a whiz with keeping us financially in the black and wrestling that pesky…
Lynn H. Pryor,
What I learnt about Sin? - Raising Zion
If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. (Genesis 4:7) What can we learn about Sin from this verse alone? Firstly, his desire’ reveals that sin is a person. Since […]
Nehemiah Zion,
I Give Myself Away
“I give myself away,” those were the words that I sang from the bottom of my heart when God first called me into ministry thirteen years ago. That sweet, but powerful song, by William McDowell,...
Donna Sparks,
Hillsongs Brian Houston uttrycker att vi alltid är syndare hela tiden
Brian Houston, Hillsong är inte ensam om att uttrycka idén att alla människor alltid är syndare – som han gör i videon nedan. Dessvärre finns det även andra kyrkoledare som gör likadant, och …
Annika Björk,
What is My Spiritual Gift? The 7 Spiritual Gifts & How to Identify Your Spiritual Gift
Have you wondered, what is my spiritual gift? What does the Bible say about spiritual gifts and why is it important to identify your spiritual gift? When I first learned God offered spiritual gifts the next question was what is my spiritual gift? And then I thought how amazing that the creator of the world
Mary Armand,
5 ways to know if something is from God
5 Ways to Know if Something is From God May 1, 2017 // by Deb Wolf Do you ever wonder whether you are following God’s will or plan for you? Do you worry that you might be headed in the wrong direc…
Geoff Waugh,
The Five Most Important Facts About Worship
Years ago, I realized that I often had only one shot at communicating with an audience in some of the countries that I would visit. So, I asked myself, if I could only speak once to an audience, what were the most important things on worship that I could share? Here are my top five
Mark Cole,
Why Submit To God? Part-2 - Raising Zion
In Why Submit to God Part -1 I could just share only the first reason of the same with you. Did it on purpose because stating the others was making the post really really long 😀 So I thought of presenting it part by part! You know, those who have submitted to God and just […]
Nehemiah Zion,

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