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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:1-11

We find here, I. That Jehoshaphat was a very careful indulgent father to Jehoram. He had many sons, who are here named (2 Chron. 21:2), and it is said (2 Chron. 21:13) that they were better than Jehoram, had a great deal more wisdom and virtue, and lived up to their education, which he went counter to. They were very hopeful, and any of them more fit for the crown than he; and yet, because he was the first-born (2 Chron. 21:3), his father secured the kingdom to him, and portioned his brethren... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:5-11

Jehoram was thirty two years old ,.... Of these verses; see Gill on 2 Kings 8:17 , 2 Kings 8:18 , 2 Kings 8:19 , 2 Kings 8:20 , 2 Kings 8:21 , 2 Kings 8:22 read more

Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible - 2 Chronicles 21:8

In his days the Edomites revolted - See on 2 Kings 8:21 ; (note). read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:1-11

A life spent in undoing. For the quarter of a century Jehoshaphat spent all his individual power and devoted all the weight of his royal office to the work of establishing piety, justice, and (in consequence) real prosperity throughout his kingdom. And right well he succeeded. When he died he left Judah much purer, stronger, and richer than he found it. Then came his firstborn son in succession to him. And what came with him? What else but a baneful and lamentable undoing of all that he... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:1-20

A reign of unmitigated shame. To the career of Jehoshaphat of almost exemplary excellence, that of Jehoram, his son, forms a contrast most humiliating. Obviously it is not the least painful feature of this latter that it so inevitably forces into our memory the parental fault, which, if it were not the cause and very foundation of an eldest son s abandoned character and course of conduct, could not fail to have given opportunity for it, and could not fail to incur the responsibility before... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:2-11

The character of Jehoram. I. A DEGENERATE SON . 1. The advantages Jehoram possessed. 2 . The disadvantages under which he laboured. II. AN UNNATURAL BROTHER . 1 . The names of Jehoram ' s brothers. Six in number; they had excellent names. 2 . The ranks of Jehoram ' s brothers. Princes of the blood royal, they were well provided for and well placed by their father, whose crown fell to Jehoram as heir-apparent. Great gifts of silver, gold,... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:8

In his days the Edomites revolted … made themselves a king . The expression, "in his days," scarcely fails in tending to accentuate the mournful change now as compared with the state of things depicted in our 2 Chronicles 17:5-11 . read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - 2 Chronicles 21:1-20

Jezebel’s Baalism in Judah (21:1-23:21)The Baalism of Ahab and Jezebel remained strong in the northern kingdom during the successive reigns of their sons Ahaziah and Joram (2 Kings 1:1-8:15). It spread to Judah in the reign of Jehoshaphat’s son Jehoram, who was married to Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel (21:1-20; see notes on 2 Kings 8:16-24).Judah’s next king, Ahaziah, at the direction of his mother Athaliah and her northern relatives, cooperated with the idolatrous northern... read more

E.W. Bullinger

E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes - 2 Chronicles 21:8

the Edomites revolted. Thus fulfilling Genesis 27:40 . Compare 2 Kings 8:20 . 2 Kings 8:9 went forth with his princes. Compare 2 Kings 8:21 . They went to Zair. read more

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