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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - 1 Kings 22:29-40

The matter in contest between God's prophet and Ahab's prophets is here soon determined, and it is made to appear which was in the right. Here, I. The two kings march with their forces to Ramoth-Gilead, 1 Kgs. 22:29. That the king of Israel, who hated God's prophet, should so far disbelieve his admonition as to persist in his resolution, notwithstanding, is not strange; but that Jehoshaphat, that pious prince, who had desired to enquire by a prophet of the Lord, as disrelishing and... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - 1 Kings 22:40

So Ahab slept with his fathers, and Ahaziah his son reigned in his stead, Of whom more is said in the latter part of this chapter, and in the following book. read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Kings 22:1-40

The Death of Ahab and the Defeat of Israel. This chapter is almost entirely occupied with an account of the death of Ahab, and of the circumstances which preceded and attended it. The earlier portion of the chapter, which contains the prophesyings of the false prophets and the vision of Micaiah, is only recorded because of its bearing on the death of the king, and the dispersion of his army. And the prominence accorded to Ahab's end only corresponds with the space assigned to his... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Kings 22:29-40

The Certainty of God's Threatenings. I. AHAB 'S ATTEMPT TO ELUDE THE DIVINE VENGEANCE . 1 . His apprehension of coming evil . If Micaiah's words were not the words of God, why should he take precautions? His heart gives the lie to his own unbelief; the words cling to him. The bold refusal to listen to God's word is no assurance that the soul will not afterwards be shaken by a fearful looking for of judgment. 2 . His ungenerousness ( 1 Kings 22:30 ). "I will... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Kings 22:39-53

Survival. After the account of Ahab's death and burial, and of the manner in which the dogs of Samaria fulfilled the prophecy of Elijah, the earlier verses of our text follow. In the first of these the reader is referred to the archives of the nation for an account of the "rest of the Ac" and works of this monarch, viz; those to which inspiration was not here specially directed. In the second, the succession of Ahaziah is mentioned. With these verses, because of the unity of the subject,... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Kings 22:40

So Ahab slept with his fathers; and Ahaziah ["Whom Jehovah upholds." The name suggests that, notwithstanding his idolatries, Ahab cannot have completely abandoned the worship of the Lord] his son reigned in his stead. Reign of Jehoshaphat . read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - 1 Kings 22:1-40

Ahab and Jehoshaphat (22:1-40)Three years after making his peace agreement with King Ben-hadad of Syria, Ahab broke it. He saw the chance to retake the border town of Ramoth-gilead, and persuaded Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to help him (22:1-4). (Jehoshaphat had previously made an alliance with Ahab by having his son Jehoram marry Ahab’s daughter Athaliah; 2 Kings 8:16-18,2 Kings 8:25-26; 2 Chronicles 18:1; 2 Chronicles 18:1.) The professional prophets in Ahab’s court were more concerned with... read more

E.W. Bullinger

E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes - 1 Kings 22:40

slept with his fathers. See note on Deuteronomy 31:16 . read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - 1 Kings 22:29-40

Ahab’s death 22:29-40Ahab probably disguised himself (1 Kings 22:30) since he was Ben-Hadad’s primary target. He had broken their treaty (1 Kings 22:31). However, his plan to thwart God’s will failed. He could not fool or beat Yahweh. One arrow providentially guided was all God needed (1 Kings 22:34). Wounded Ahab watched the battle from his chariot until he died that evening (1 Kings 22:35). Israel lost the battle (1 Kings 22:36; cf. 1 Kings 22:17). Ahab became the source of much discipline... read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - 1 Kings 22:29-53

B. The Period of Alliance 1 Kings 16:29-2 Kings 9:29King Jehoshaphat of Judah made peace with King Ahab of Israel (1 Kings 22:44). He did so by contracting a marriage between his son, Jehoram, and Ahab’s daughter, Athaliah (2 Chronicles 18:1). This ended the first period of antagonism between the two kingdoms (931-874 B.C.) and began a 33-year period of alliance (874-841 B.C.). read more

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