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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - 1 Samuel 8:1-3

Two sad things we find here, but not strange things:?1. A good and useful man growing old and unfit for service (1 Sam. 8:1): Samuel was old, and could not judge Israel, as he had done. He is not reckoned to be past sixty years of age now, perhaps not so much; but he was a man betimes, was full of thoughts and cared when he was a child, which perhaps hastened the infirmities of age upon him. The fruits that are the first ripe keep the worst. He had spent his strength and spirits in the fatigue... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - 1 Samuel 8:2

Now the name of his firstborn was Joel ,.... In 1 Chronicles 6:28 he is called Vashni; See Gill on 1 Chronicles 6:28 . This was not Joel the prophet, as some have thought, neither his parentage, nor his office, nor his times, will agree with this: and the name of his second Abiah : which two sons seem to be all he had: they were judges in Beersheba ; in the utmost border of the land, to the south, as Ramah, where Samuel dwelt and judged, was more to the north; where they were... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Samuel 8:1-9

Discontent with God's methods. The facts are— 1 . In Samuel's old age his sons, being judges over Israel, abuse their office by accepting bribes. 2 . This fact is adduced by the people as a reason for asking Samuel to make them a king. 3 . Samuel in his grief seeks counsel of God. 4 . Samuel is instructed to yield to their request, while protesting against it. 5 . The conduct of the people is declared to be an expression of the perverse tendency characteristic of their... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - 1 Samuel 8:2

The name of his firstborn was Joel. The names of Samuel's sons are pledges of his faith—Joel meaning Jehovah is God, and Abiah Jab is Father. The name given in 1 Chronicles 6:28 , Vashni, is a mistake. It means, "and the second," the name of Joel the firstborn having somehow been omitted. The names of Saul's sons, and even of Jonathan's, unlike those in Samuel's family, bear witness to their religion having been of a curiously mixed character. In Beer-sheba. Not, therefore, in any... read more

Albert Barnes

Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible - 1 Samuel 8:2

The mention of Beer-sheba, on the extreme southern frontier of Judah, as the place where Samuel’s sons judged Israel is remarkable. It was probably due to the recovery of territory from the usurpation of the Philistines 1 Samuel 7:14. read more

Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments - 1 Samuel 8:2

1 Samuel 8:2. They were judges in Beer-sheba In the southern borders of the land of Canaan, which were very remote from his house at Ramah; where, and in the neighbouring places, Samuel himself still executed the office of judge. read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - 1 Samuel 8:1-22

Click image for full-size version8:1-12:25 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MONARCHYThe people ask for a king (8:1-22)Israel’s history continued to follow the pattern set out in the book of Judges. Once the God-appointed judge (in this case, Samuel) was no longer able to exercise control over the nation (for Samuel was old and his sons who succeeded him as judges were worthless), the people turned from God and drifted into wrongdoing (8:1-3).In search for stability within the nation, the people asked... read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - 1 Samuel 8:1-3

The occasion for requesting a king 8:1-3The people would probably not have pressed for a king at this time had Samuel’s sons proved as faithful to the Mosaic Covenant as their father had been. However, Joel ("Yahweh is God") and Abijah ("My [divine] Father is Yahweh") disqualified themselves from leadership in Israel by disobeying the Law (Exodus 23:6; Exodus 23:8; Deuteronomy 16:19). Eli’s sons had done the same thing. Parental influence is important, but personal choices are even more... read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - 1 Samuel 8:1-22

1. The demand for a king ch. 8The Israelites had pressed their leaders for a king at least twice in their past history. The first time was during Gideon’s judgeship (Judges 8:22), and the second was during Abimelech’s conspiracy (Judges 9:2). Now in Samuel’s judgeship they demanded one again. read more

John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - 1 Samuel 8:1-22

The People demand a King1. Judges] They would be subordinate to their father. When the son of a Judge was influential and popular, he might easily succeed to his father’s position: cp. A bimelech in Judges 9:1.5. Like all the nations] This was the sin of the people. God intended that they, unlike other nations, should be a peculiar people, governed directly by Himself.6. Displeased Samuel] They had shown themselves forgetful of their relation to God and ungrateful to Samuel himself. But in... read more

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