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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - Genesis 24:29-53

We have here the making up of the marriage between Isaac and Rebekah. It is related very largely and particularly, even to the minute circumstances, which, we should think, might have been spared, while other things of great moment and mystery (as the story of Melchizedek) are related in few words. Thus God conceals that which is curious from the wise and prudent, reveals to babes that which is common and level to their capacity (Matt. 11:25), and rules and saves the world by the foolishness... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - Genesis 24:51

Behold, Rebekah is before thee ,.... Not only was present, but she was delivered to him, or his request was granted: take her , and go, and let her be thy master's son's wife ; not that they meant he should go away directly with her; for they afterwards solicit her stay with them some time; but they agreed that he should bare her and conduct her to Isaac, to be taken by him for his wife: as the Lord hath spoken ; for so they understood the token given to the servant to know her... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 24:1-67

The unfolding of the Divine purpose. I. THE EXPANDED BLESSING . The first line of the web of sacred history stretches itself out to Mesopotamia. The aged patriarch, blessed of Jehovah in all things, is fading from our sight. We must look on a new generation and see the blessing expanded. II. THE DIVINE GUIDANCE . The angel shall be sent before Isaac, and he will overrule the events and wills which seem to stand in the way. The marriage of Isaac was a matter of most solemn... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 24:29-60

A bride for the heir.-3. Eliezer and Laban, or proposals for the bride. I. THE HOSPITABLE BROTHER . 1. The eager invitation . "Come in, thou blessed of the Lord!" 2. The kindly reception . II. THE AGED WOOER . 1. Impatient . The nature of his mission urged him to dispatch, as knowing well that his master was old, that Isaac was needful of a bride, that coy maidens are soonest caught by fervent suitors, and that successful wooing brooks no delay. 2. ... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 24:50-52

Then Laban and Bethuel ( vide on Genesis 24:29 ) answered and said, The thing proceedeth from the Lord : —Jehovah ( vide on Genesis 24:31 )— we cannot speak unto thee bad or good — i . e . they could not demur to a proposal so clearly indicated by Divine providence; a proof of the underlying piety of those descendants of Nahor. Behold, Rebekah is before thee, take her, and go, —that the consent of the maiden is not asked was not owing to the fact that, according to... read more

Albert Barnes

Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible - Genesis 24:1-67

- The Marriage of Isaac26. קרד qādad, “bow the head.” השׁתחוה shâchâh, “bow the body.”29. לבן lābān, “Laban, white.”In this circumstantial account of the marriage of Isaac, we have a beautiful picture of ancient manners in the East, the living original of which the present customs of that cradle of mankind are a striking copy.Genesis 24:1-9Abraham binds the chief servant of his house to seek a wife for his son Isaac among his kindred. The first movement in this matrimonial arrangement is... read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - Genesis 24:1-67

A wife for Isaac (24:1-67)Since Isaac would succeed Abraham as heir to the land of Canaan and ancestor of the promised nation, Abraham required two things concerning him. First, he was not to leave Canaan; second, he was not to marry one of the Canaanites, as they were under God’s judgment. Abraham therefore sent his chief servant (possibly Eliezer; see 15:2) on a long journey to Paddan-aram in north-western Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac among Abraham’s relatives there (24:1-9).The... read more

James Burton Coffman

Coffman Commentaries on the Bible - Genesis 24:50-58

VI. The Servant Enriches the Bride's Family"Then Laban and Bethuel answered and said, The thing proceedeth from Jehovah: we cannot speak unto thee bad or good. Behold, Rebekah is before thee, take her, and go, and let her be thy master's son's wife, as Jehovah hath spoken. And it came to pass, that, when Abraham's servant heard their words, he bowed himself down to the earth unto Jehovah. And the servant brought forth jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them to Rebekah:... read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - Genesis 24:29-61

"Another striking feature of this story is that after introducing the new characters of Laban and his household, the writer allows the servant again to retell the narrative (Genesis 24:34-39). But as with most repetitions in biblical narrative, the retelling is not a mere repeating. It is rather a reassertion of the central points of the first narrative. . . . As we overhear the servant recount more details, we see that the miracle of God’s provision was even more grand than that suggested in... read more

John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Genesis 24:1-67

The Marriage of Isaac and RebekahA charming picture of patriarchal marriage customs. It is very characteristic of the Primitive source.2. Put.. thy hand under my thigh] a form of taking an oath, only mentioned again in Genesis 47:29. ’It is from the thighs that one’s descendants come, so that to take an oath with one hand under the thigh would be equivalent to calling upon these descendants to maintain an oath which has been fulfilled, and to avenge one which has been broken’ (D.). Modern... read more

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