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William Nicoll

Expositor's Dictionary of Texts - Hosea 2:1-23

The Christian in the Wilderness Hosea 2:14-15 Little as the Israelites were permanently benefited by their sufferings in the desert, they appear never to have forgotten them. Hence 'the wilderness' became another word among them for trouble and sorrow. It bears that meaning here. I. It points out to us, in the first instance, the Author of affliction. II. The text shows us next why God afflicts us; at least, it discovers to us one of the most frequent causes of our sorrows. III. We learn... read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Hosea 2:1-23

; Hosea 2:1-23; Hosea 3:1-5THE SIN AGAINST LOVEHosea 1:1-11; Hosea 2:1-23; Hosea 3:1-5; Hosea 4:11 ff.; Hosea 9:10 ff.; Hosea 11:8 f.The Love of God is a terrible thing-that is the last lesson of the Book of Hosea. "My God will cast them away." {Hosea 10:1-15}"My God"-let us remember the right which Hosea had to use these words. Of all the prophets he was the first to break into the full aspect of the Divine Mercy to learn and to proclaim that God is Love. But he was worthy to do so, by the... read more

Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible - Hosea 2:1-23

CHAPTER 2 Appeal and Punishment for Unfaithfulness The Resumed Relationship 1. The appeal and complaint (Hosea 2:1-5 ) 2. The punishment for Unfaithfulness (Hosea 2:6-13 ) 3. The resumed relationship and its great blessing (Hosea 2:14-23 ) Hosea 2:1-5 . Who is addressed in the first verse of this chapter? Some think the children of the prophet are meant. The godly in Israel, those who obtained mercy, are addressed, for the Lord acknowledges such still as “Ammi”-my people. The godly are... read more

James Gray

James Gray's Concise Bible Commentary - Hosea 2:1-23

THE SWEEP OF THE BOOK It will be seen by the opening verse of this lesson that we are back in the land of Israel before the Babylonian captivity. Examine 2 Kings 14-20 and the corresponding chapters in 2 Chronicles for the history of this period, and the more carefully you read those chapters the more interested you will be in Hosea, and the more you will get out of it. While four of the kings named in Hosea 1:1 reigned in Judah, and only the last-named, Jeroboam, in Israel,... read more

Joseph Parker

The People's Bible by Joseph Parker - Hosea 2:1-23

Agnosticism Hos 2:8 The youngest reader of the Bible will be able to understand the words "They did not know." There is a theory which is known to-day by the difficult name Agnosticism. A great deal of worthless thinking may be hidden under that dark term. Let us understand what it means, and then inquire what it is worth. The meaning is supposed to be not-know-ism. Men do not now blatantly and vulgarly say, "There is no God"; that is generally considered now to be a fool's peculiar speech:... read more

Robert Hawker

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary - Hosea 2:19-20

Was there ever any compellation of words of tenderness like these. Everyone is literally and truly fulfilled, in that the Lord Jesus hath united himself to his Church and people, and given them union in himself. The covenant that the Lord hath made for his people, that none of the inferior creatures should hurt them, was nothing compared to what he here saith, of the covenant he had made with them. Betrothing, implies the marriage covenant, and this is not for a day, but forever; an union never... read more

George Haydock

George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary - Hosea 2:19

I will espouse thee, &c. This relates to the happy espousals of Christ with his Church, which shall never be dissolved. (Challoner) --- God gives the dowry, justice, &c. read more

Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible - Hosea 2:14-23

14-23 After these judgments the Lord would deal with Israel more gently. By the promise of rest in Christ we are invited to take his yoke upon us; and the work of conversion may be forwarded by comforts as well as by convictions. But usually the Lord drives us to despair of earthly joy, and help from ourselves, that, being shut from every other door, we may knock at Mercy's gate. From that time Israel would be more truly attached to the Lord; no longer calling him Baali, or "My lord and... read more

Paul E. Kretzmann

The Popular Commentary by Paul E. Kretzmann - Hosea 2:14-23

The Renewal of the Lord's Marriage Contract v. 14. Therefore, behold, I will allure her, deliberately leading the idolatrous Israel astray and visiting His punishment upon her, but with a wonderful object in mind, and bring her into the wilderness, where there was nothing to detract her attention any more, and speak comfortably unto her, in a friendly, heart-to-heart talk, with the intention of once more manifesting His love, now that Israel was ready to acknowledge her transgression. v.... read more

Johann Peter Lange

Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Critical, Doctrinal and Homiletical - Hosea 2:4-23

Fuller Discourse of Jehovah Concerning His Adulterous Spouse, IsraelHosea 2:4-23A. Complaint and Threatening of PunishmentHosea 2:4-154 Plead with your mother, plead!For she is not my wifeAnd I am not her husband,That she put away her whoredom from before herAnd her adultery from between her breasts.5 Lest I strip her naked,And place her as (she was in) the day of her birth,And make her like the wilderness,And set her (so as to be) like a barren land,And slay her with hunger.6 And on her... read more

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