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John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Judges 18:1-31

The Danites go in Quest of an Inheritance. They rob Micah of his Images, capture and settle in Laish, and set up Idol-Worship there1-10. The Danite Spies.2. From their coasts] RV ’from their whole number.’ For Zorah and Eshtaol see on Judges 13:25. 3. They knew] They recognised him as a Levite from the prayers he was saying.Makest] RV ’doest.’6. Before the lord] i.e. under Jehovah’s care. 7. Laish] In Joshua 19:47 the name appears as Leshem. Later on it was called Dan, from its new inhabitants... read more

Charles John Ellicott

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers - Judges 18:21

(21) The little ones and the cattle.—It is only in this incidental way that the fact of this being a regular migration is brought out. (Comp. Exodus 12:37.) The women are, of course, included, though not mentioned (Genesis 34:29; 2 Chronicles 20:13).And the carriage—i.e., “the baggage.” (Comp.Acts 21:15; Acts 21:15.) The word is hakkebodah, which the LXX. (Cod. A) render “their glorious possession,” and the Vulg. “everything which was precious,” i.e., the valuables. But as cabîd means “to be... read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Dictionary of Texts - Judges 18:1-31

Judges 18:3 'It, is a vain thought,' says Dinah Morris in Adam Bede, 'to flee from the work that God appoints us, for the sake of finding a greater blessing to our own souls, as if we could choose for ourselves where we shall find the fullness of the Divine Presence, instead of seeking it where alone it is to be found, in loving obedience.' Judges 18:7 A man's own safety is a god that sometimes makes very grim demands. George Eliot. Security, as commonly understood, is the state in which one... read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Judges 18:1-31

THE STOLEN GODSJudges 17:1-13, Judges 18:1-31THE portion of the Book of Judges which begins with the seventeenth chapter and extends to the close is not in immediate connection with that which has gone before. We read {; Judges 18:30} that "Jonathan, the son of Gershom, the son of Manasseh, he and his sons were priests to the tribe of Dan until the day of the captivity of the land." But the proper reading is, "Jonathan, the son of Gershom, the son of Moses." It would seem that the renegade... read more

Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible - Judges 18:1-31

CHAPTER 18 The Danite Idolatry 1. The Danites seek an inheritance (Judges 18:1-12 ) 2. Their robbery (Judges 18:13-26 ) 3. Laish taken and idolatry consummated (Judges 18:27-31 ) The history of this chapter is closely linked with the preceding. The tribe of Dan had failed to take the God-given inheritance (Joshua 19:40-46 ). “The Amorites forced the children of Dan into the mountain: for they would not suffer them to come down to the valley” (Judges 1:34 ). Then in self-will, entirely... read more

John Calvin

Geneva Study Bible - Judges 18:21

18:21 So they turned and departed, and put the little ones and the cattle and the carriage {i} before them.(i) Suspecting them that pursued them. read more

James Gray

James Gray's Concise Bible Commentary - Judges 18:1-31

APPENDIX TO THE BOOK The chapters concluding the book detail certain incidents at various periods during the preceding history, when the whole nation was disordered and corrupt, and “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” A MAN-MADE PRIEST (Judges 17:0 ) Chapter 17 tells of Micah who established his own imitation of the tabernacle. Of course it was contrary to the law and evinced ignorance and superstition, although the motive may not have been bad. ORIGIN OF THE CITY OF... read more

Joseph Parker

The People's Bible by Joseph Parker - Judges 18:1-31

Judges 18:0 (Annotated) Judges 18:0 1. In those days there was no king in Israel: and in those days the tribe [may mean a tribe, or the division of a tribe] of the Danites sought them an inheritance to dwell in; for unto that day all their inheritance [a description of their inheritance is given in Jos 19:40-46 ] had not fallen unto them among the tribes of Israel. 2. And the Children of Dan sent of their family five men from their coast [their lords], men of valour [sons of force], from... read more

Robert Hawker

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary - Judges 18:21-26

It is impossible to pity the deluded Micah, whose heart was so set upon idols. He confesses he had lost all in losing them. But alas! what loss could there be in them. Think Reader! what contemptible idols must those be, that could not protect themselves. And what a wretched resource must that man ' s be, which is thus capable of being lost. And yet even under the purest of all religions, even under the dispensation of mercy in Jesus, if any man lays stress upon anything of his own, his frames,... read more

Paul E. Kretzmann

The Popular Commentary by Paul E. Kretzmann - Judges 18:13-31

The Priest of Micah Taken to Laish v. 13. And they passed thence unto Mount Ephraim, along the way taken by the spies, and came unto the house of Micah. v. 14. Then answered the five men that went to spy out the country of Laish, and said unto their brethren, giving in advance the information which the members of their tribe would presently ask for, Do ye know that there is in these houses an ephod, and teraphim, and a graven image, and a molten image, a carved and chased idol with its... read more

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