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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - Judges 6:33-40

Here we have, I. The descent which the enemies of Israel made upon them, Jdg. 6:33. A vast number of Midianites, Amalekites, and Arabians, got together, and came over Jordan, none either caring or daring to guard that important and advantageous pass against them, and they made their headquarters in the valley of Jezreel, in the heart of Manasseh's tribe, not far from Gideon's city. Some think that the notice they had of Gideon's destroying Baal's altar brought them over, and that they came to... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - Judges 6:40

And God did so that night ,.... The night following, the night being the season in which the dew falls: for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground ; and this might signify, that not Gideon only, as before, should partake of the divine favour, but all the Israelites, who would share in the salvation wrought by him. Many interpreters observe, that all this is an emblem of the different case and state of the Jews and Gentiles under the different dispensations;... read more

Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments - Judges 6:40

Judges 6:40. And God did so See how tender God is even of the weak; and how ready to condescend to their infirmities! These signs were very expressive. They are going to engage the Midianites. Could God distinguish between a small fleece of Israel and the vast floor of Midian? Yes, by this token it appears that he can. Is Gideon desirous that the dew of divine grace might descend on himself in particular? He sees the fleece wet with dew, to assure him of it. Does he desire that God will be... read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - Judges 6:1-40

Click image for full-size versionClick image for full-size versionGod prepares Gideon (6:1-40)Israel’s return to sinful and idolatrous ways met its punishment in the raids of the Midianites. As usual the Amalekites were pleased to join in the attack. Year by year, for seven years, the invaders rode their army of camels from the deserts of Arabia, crossed the Jordan, and raided the fields and herds of the helpless Israelites. Their attacks reached as far north as Naphtali and as far west as... read more

Thomas Constable

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable - Judges 6:36-40

Gideon’s desire for encouragement 6:36-40The Lord graciously answered Gideon’s request for additional signs that God was with him. Gideon did not need to request these signs; God had already promised to help him (Judges 6:14; Judges 6:16) and had given him a sign (Judges 6:21). Notwithstanding, Gideon’s faith needed some added support, and God provided this without reproof (cf. James 1:5)."The remarkable thing is that God responds to his tests. He is more anxious to deliver Israel than to... read more

John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Judges 6:1-40

Gideon and the MidianitesThe story of Gideon, which runs from Judges 6:1 to Judges 8:33, is more detailed than that of Deborah and Barak; and, from the details, it would appear that different traditions have been used. Gideon, at the bidding of an angel, calls his clan together, and after reducing them to 300 men, and receiving the encouragement of a dream, surrounds the camp of the Midianites and throws them into a panic. The Ephraimites complete the defeat. The two kings of Midian are then... read more

Charles John Ellicott

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers - Judges 6:40

(40) It was dry upon the fleece only.—Such a result as this—not being in accordance with natural circumstances—could only have arisen from direct interposition. Besides the simple narrative, which tells us of these results as a sign granted to Gideon in accordance with his prayer, it is of course possible to allegorise the dew as the sign of God’s grace, and to say that the first sign represented Israel as replenished with God’s love when all was dry around (Hosea 14:5, “I will be as the dew... read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Dictionary of Texts - Judges 6:1-40

Gideon the Humble Judges 6:0 I. At first sight the character of Gideon is a very inconsistent one. It seems to be composed of two opposite sides towering aspiration and drooping humility. Was there not imposed upon him a great, a responsible destiny a destiny which he must not seek to evade. Was he not bound to become the Saviour of Israel. So speaks the one side of his nature the aspiring side. But there is another side. This same Gideon is the most humble of men, the most shrinking, the most... read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Judges 6:33-40

"THE PEOPLE ARE YET TOO MANY"Judges 6:33-40; Judges 7:1-7ANOTHER day of hope and energy has dawned. One hillside at least rises sunlit out of darkness with the altar of Jehovah on its summit and holier sacrifices smoking there than Israel has offered for many a year. Let us see what elements of promise, what elements of danger or possible error mingle with the, situation. There is a man to take the lead, a young man, thoughtful, bold, energetic, aware of a Divine call and therefore of some... read more

Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible - Judges 6:1-40

4. Fourth Declension: Under Midian and Gideon, Tola and Jair CHAPTER 6 1. Israel’s suffering from Midian (Judges 6:1-6 ) 2. Their repentance and the divine answer (Judges 6:7-10 ) 3. Gideon, the deliverer, chosen (Judges 6:11-24 ) 4. The restored worship (Judges 6:25-32 ) 5. The gathering for the conflict (Judges 6:33-35 ) 6. The sign of the fleece (Judges 6:36-40 ) After Deborah and Barak the land had fifty years’ rest, and when again they did evil they were delivered into the... read more

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