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Peter Pett

Peter Pett's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 15:2-15

The Uncleanness Resulting From Exceptional Emissions From The Male Sexual Organ (Leviticus 15:2-15 ). Leviticus 15:2-3 “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them, “When any man has an issue out of his flesh, because of his issue he is unclean. And this shall be his uncleanness in his issue, whether his flesh run with his issue, or his flesh be stopped from his issue, it is his uncleanness.” The ancients had their own way of disguising sexual language. Bald openness in such matters was... read more

Arthur Peake

Arthur Peake's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 15:1-15

Leviticus 15:1-Ezra : . Discharges from Males.— These are evidently regarded as abnormal. The greatest care is taken to mark the contagion arising from them. Keener precautions could not be taken with what is the most loathsome disease of our modern civilisation. The bed, the seat, anyone who has touched the bed or the seat or the afflicted person himself, or has been touched by his saliva, is infected. In each case of infection, washing and seclusion for the rest of the day is prescribed;... read more

Arthur Peake

Arthur Peake's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 15:1-33

Leviticus 15. Issues.— Four kinds are considered; the first of these ( Leviticus 15:1-Ezra :) is apparently pathological, though there is no reference to venereal diseases, which are unknown in the OT; the second ( Leviticus 15:16-Job :) normal; the third ( Leviticus 15:19-Jeremiah :), normal and periodic; the fourth (2 Leviticus 15:5-Amos :), an abnormal occurrence or prolongation of the normal. Whether normal or not, all these occurrences are regarded as causing “ taboos” in ethnic... read more

Joseph Exell

Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary - Leviticus 15:1-33

Secret Physical ImpuritiesSUGGESTIVE READINGSSecret impurities, whether of men or women, are carefully discriminated here as resulting from guilty sexual intercourse, and as the effect of natural infirmity. God has stern thoughts for the licentious, He brands him as polluted and polluting, and interdicts from all privileges those who have become basely defiled.Yet even where no moral vileness attaches to the uncleanness, where the impurity is the consequence of physical weakness and natural... read more

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith Bible Commentary - Leviticus 15:1-33

Chapter 15Now as we get into the fifteenth chapter God deals with sort of a boil kind of a thing or any breaking out on your body, any kind of a running sore that a person might have. That he is unclean and the whole thing has now to do with hygienic principles. How that anything that he wears that touches it is unclean. And the various washing processes that they need to go through until this running sore, sort of a staff infection, is healed completely. It is interesting that these laws of... read more

Joseph Sutcliffe

Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments - Leviticus 15:1-33

Leviticus 15:2. Running issue. The holy scriptures speak modestly of obscene things. It is a kind of gonorrhea, occasioned by whoredom, or by lascivious habits. How strikingly is the providence of God displayed in deterring the wicked from profligacy, by this most dreadful disease of rottenness in the bones: and if he so afflict the body, what punishment is that which awaits the soul. Leviticus 15:16-18 . This accident happening to a man in a dream, whether sleeping alone or with his... read more

Joseph Exell

The Biblical Illustrator - Leviticus 15:2-33

Leviticus 15:2-33Because of his issue he is unclean. Human nature unclean1. We learn, in a very striking manner, the intense holiness of the Divine presence. Not a soil, not a stain, not a speck can be tolerated for a moment in that thrice-hallowed region.2. Again, we learn that human nature is the ever-flowing fountain of uncleanness. It is hopelessly defiled and defiling.3. Finally, we learn, afresh, the expiatory value of the blood of Christ, and the cleansing, sanctifying virtues of the... read more

Samuel Bagster

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge - Leviticus 15:5

Leviticus 11:25, Leviticus 11:28, Leviticus 11:32, Leviticus 13:6, Leviticus 13:34, Leviticus 14:8, Leviticus 14:9, Leviticus 14:27, Leviticus 14:46, Leviticus 14:47, Leviticus 16:26, Leviticus 16:28, Leviticus 17:15, Numbers 19:10, Numbers 19:22, Psalms 26:6, Psalms 51:2, Psalms 51:7, Isaiah 1:16, Isaiah 22:14, Ezekiel 36:25, Ezekiel 36:29, Hebrews 9:14, Hebrews 9:26, Hebrews 10:22, James 4:8, Revelation 7:14 Reciprocal: Genesis 35:2 - clean Exodus 19:10 - wash Leviticus 11:39 - General... read more

Daniel Whedon

Whedon's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 15:5

5. Bathe himself in water The Targum of Palestine specifies that the quantity of water shall be forty seahs about seventy gallons. read more

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