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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - Luke 23:32-43

In these verses we have, I. Divers passages which we had before in Matthew and Mark concerning Christ's sufferings. 1. That there were two others, malefactors, led with him to the place of execution, who, it is probable, had been for some time under sentence of death, and were designed to be executed on this day, which was probably the pretence for making such haste in the prosecution of Christ, that he and these two malefactors might be executed together, and one solemnity might serve. 2.... read more

William Barclay

William Barclay's Daily Study Bible - Luke 23:32-38

23:32-38 Two others who were criminals were brought to be put to death with Jesus. When they came to the place which is caned the place of a skull, there they crucified him, and the two criminals, one on his right hand, and one on his left. And Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And, as they divided his garments, they cast lots for them. The people stood watching, and the rulers gibed at him. "He saved others," they said. "Let him save himself if he... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - Luke 23:32

And there were also two other malefactors ,.... Not that Christ was one, though indeed he was looked upon and treated as one by the Jews; but as the words may be read, there were also two others that were malefactors; really such, two thieves, who had been guilty of theft and robbery, and were condemned to die: and these were led with him; for the greater ignominy and reproach of Christ, that it might be thought he was equally a malefactor, and as deserving of death as they: to be put to... read more

Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible - Luke 23:32

Two other malefactors - Ἑτεροι δυο κακουργοι , should certainly be translated two others, malefactors, as in the Bibles published by the King's printer, Edinburgh. As it now stands in the text, it seems to intimate that our blessed Lord was also a malefactor. read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Luke 23:26-32

On the way to Calvary. Simon the Cyrenian. The daughters of Jerusalem. read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Luke 23:26-46

The merciful Savior on the cross. Delivered unto the will of the Jews by the indecision of Pilate, Jesus accepts the cross, and proceeds under its crushing weight towards Calvary. But seeing him fainting under it, they press Simon the Cyrenian into service, and he has the everlasting honor of carrying the end of the beam after Jesus. Thus is it in all life's burdens—the weighty end of them is carried by the sympathetic Master, while the lighter end he allows his people to carry after him.... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Luke 23:32

And there were also two other, malefactors, led with him to be put to death. Many commentators suppose that these, were companions of that Bar-Abbas the robber who had just been released. They were not ordinary thieves, but belonged to those companies of brigands, or revolted Jews, which in those troublous times were so numerous in Palestine. read more

Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments - Luke 23:32-34

Luke 23:32-34. There were also two other malefactors This should rather be rendered, Two others, who were malefactors, were also led with him to be put to death. The distinction between Jesus and the malefactors is remarkably preserved in the next verse. And when they were come to the place called Calvary See on Matthew 27:33, and Mark 15:22; there they crucified him That is, nailed him to the cross; and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left So that he... read more

Donald C. Fleming

Bridgeway Bible Commentary - Luke 23:32-43

158. The crucifixion (Matthew 27:33-44; Mark 15:22-32; Luke 23:32-43; John 19:18-24)Golgotha, the place of Jesus’ crucifixion, was a hill beside a main road just outside Jerusalem. The procession arrived there about 9 a.m. (Matthew 27:33; Mark 15:25). (It is difficult to calculate the exact times of all the incidents that took place on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. People in those days did not carry clocks, and the times given in the Gospels are only approximate. In some cases the writers may... read more

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