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Verse 13

13. Thou hast broken . . . wood . . . thou shalt make . . . iron—Not here, "Thou hast broken . . . wood," and "I will make . . . iron" (compare Jeremiah 28:16). The same false prophets who, by urging the Jews to rebel, had caused them to throw off the then comparatively easy yoke of Babylon, thereby brought on them a more severe yoke imposed by that city. "Yokes of iron," alluding to Jeremiah 28:16- :. It is better to take up a light cross in our way, than to pull a heavier on our own heads. We may escape destroying providences by submitting to humbling providences. So, spiritually, contrast the "easy yoke" of Christ with the "yoke of bondage" of the law (Acts 15:10; Galatians 5:1).

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