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Verses 8-11

Psalms 105:8-11. He hath remembered his covenant for ever Or, will remember it; that is, practically, so as to perform and make it good. The word The promise; which he commanded Established, or appointed, to a thousand generations To all generations; a certain number being put for an uncertain. And his oath unto Isaac Wherewith he ratified the covenant with him, Genesis 26:3. And confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law That it might be as firm and irrevocable as a law; saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan The patriarchs had no right to it, save by promise, and their seed were to be put in possession of it, not by the common ways of settling nations, but by miracles; God would give it them himself, and, as it were, with his own hand; and so that it should be, as their lot, assigned and measured out to them by God, even the lot of their inheritance To which they should have a sure title by virtue of their birth: it should come to them by descent, not by purchase; by the favour of God, and not by any merit of their own.

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