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Verse 2

Isaiah 58:2. Yet they seek me daily They cover all their wickedness with a profession of religion, from time to time resorting to my house, pretending to ask counsel of me, and to desire and seek my favour and blessing. And delight to know my ways That is, either, 1st, They seem to delight to know them, men being often said in Scripture to be or do that which they seem or profess to be or do: or, 2d, They really delight; for there are many men who take some pleasure in knowing God’s will and word, and yet do not conform their lives to them. As a nation that did righteousness As if they really were a righteous people; and forsook not the ordinance, &c. As if they were not guilty of any apostacy from God, or neglect of, or disobedience to, his precepts. They ask of me the ordinances of justice As if they desired and resolved to observe them. They delight In appearance or reality; in approaching unto God In coming to my temple to pray to me, receive instruction, or offer sacrifices.

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