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Verse 13

Isaiah 58:13. If thou turn away If thou take no unnecessary journeys, nor do any servile works on the sabbath day; or, metaphorically, if thou keep thy mind and affections disengaged, and free from secular cares and concerns, and restrain thyself from whatever might profane it; from doing thy pleasure on my holy day From taking the liberty of doing what thou pleasest, without the control and restraint of conscience and the law of God; or from indulging thyself in the pleasures of sense and carnal delights; and call the sabbath a delight Not looking on the duties of it as a burden and drudgery, but performing them with cheerfulness, and delighting in all its ordinances and services; the holy of the Lord Or, to the Lord, that is, dedicated to him, consecrated to his service; honourable Namely, the chief of days, worthy of all honour, and therefore honourable because holy: and shalt honour him That is, The Lord, whose day it is; not doing thine own ways Or works, or pursuing thy usual course of life, or thy worldly business; nor speaking thine own words The words that are thine own, in opposition to what God commands to be spoken; words proceeding from the corruption of human nature, or the vanity of the human mind; or, not speaking words unsuitable to the work of the day, tending neither to thy edification nor comfort.

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