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Verse 14

Hosea 12:14. Ephraim provoked him to anger, &c. Notwithstanding all God’s favours showed to these people and their ancestors, they provoked him by their idolatries and other sins in a most outrageous manner. The word תמורים , translated, most bitterly, some render, with his bitterness; that is, by his wicked or impious deeds; and Schindler renders it, by his heaps, that is, his altars. Therefore shall he have his blood upon him The Chaldee paraphrase renders it, His blood shall return upon him. Ephraim’s wickedness, and in particular the innocent blood he has shed, shall bring down punishment or destruction upon him. And his reproach shall his Lord return unto him The reproach which Ephraim hath cast upon the prophets, upon the worshippers of God, and on God himself, in preferring idols before him, shall God, who is Lord of all, recompense upon him, in making him a reproach and by-word among the heathen. Instead of his Lord, Bp. Horsley reads, his Master, that is, says he, “his conqueror, who shall hold him in servitude, and be the instrument of God’s just vengeance to him.”

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