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Verses 4-5

Amos 2:4-5. For three transgressions of Judah, &c. Having denounced judgments against the heathen nations, he now proceeds to denounce them against God’s professing people, who were more guilty and inexcusable, as sinning against greater light, and abusing greater advantages than those with which the heathen were favoured. Because they have despised the law of the Lord The law which was holy, just, and good, and which raised them in dignity above every other nation. In despising this law they despised the wisdom, justice, and goodness of the Law-maker; and this they did, in effect, when they observed not the commandments of it, and made no conscience of keeping them, or acquainting themselves therewith. And their lies Vulgate, Idola sua, their idols, or fictitious deities, have caused them to err Their idolatry blinded them, partly from the natural tendency of this sin, and partly from the just judgment of God. After the which Idols; their fathers have walked Successively, one generation after another, notwithstanding all the warnings I have given them by my prophets. But I will send a fire upon Judah, &c. Nebuchadnezzar’s army was this fire, that burned many cities of Judah, and at last Jerusalem itself.

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