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Verses 13-14

Jonah 1:13-14. Nevertheless, the men rowed hard, &c. Whoever these mariners were, they are to be admired for their generosity; for though Jonah had told them that he was the cause of the tempest, and had advised them to cast him into the sea, yet they were very unwilling to do it, and generously redoubled their efforts, strained every nerve, and exposed themselves unto still greater danger of sinking, for some time longer, in order, if possible, to gain the shore without throwing him overboard. Wherefore they cried unto the Lord Hebrew, unto JEHOVAH, the Maker of heaven and earth. They were convinced, by the account which Jonah gave of himself, that the God whom he worshipped, Jonah 1:9, had brought this tempest upon them; therefore they made their petitions to him. Let us not perish for this man’s life For doing that to him which in all probability will prove his destruction. And lay not upon us innocent blood

Although this man has committed nothing against us worthy of death, according to human laws, and nevertheless we are about to take away his life; yet do not impute to us the crime of shedding innocent blood, inasmuch as we take it away through extreme necessity to save our own lives, and by his own desire. For thou, O Lord, hast done as it pleased thee “Who hast raised this storm manifestly extraordinarily, who hast caused the lot to fall upon Jonah, who hast compelled him to confess himself to be guilty, and the cause of this calamity.” Grotius. Or, as Bishop Newcome expresses their meaning, “Punish us not as murderers of an innocent man: for we judge, from the whole transaction, that we are conforming ourselves to thy will.”

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