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Verse 5

Micah 1:5. For the transgression of Jacob That is, of the sons of Jacob; for the many transgressions committed among them; is all this All these many, great, and irresistible judgments of God foretold and executed. What is the transgression of Jacob Where is the chief cause of Israel’s sin and apostacy? Is it not Samaria Is it not in that city, the chief seat of the kingdom, the residence of the king and his princes, who have set up the idolatry of the golden calves, and made it the established religion of the kingdom? What are the high places of Judah, &c. Doth not the idolatrous worship, practised in the high places of Judah, receive its chief encouragement from the city of Jerusalem, even from Ahaz, and the great men who there join with him in that idolatry?

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