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Verses 4-6

Micah 2:4-6. In that day shall one take up a parable Shall use a figurative speech, against you A parable signifies a speech out of the ordinary way, as the Greek word παροιμια imports, and illustrated with metaphors or rhetorical figures. So speaking in parables is opposed to speaking plainly, John 16:25; John 16:29. And lament, &c. Your friends for you, and you for yourselves. He hath changed the portion of my people Their wealth, plenty, freedom, joy, and honour, into poverty, famine, servitude, grief, and dishonour. How hath he removed it How dreadfully hath God dealt with Israel; removing their persons into captivity, and transferring their possessions to their enemies! Turning away he hath divided our fields Turning away from us in displeasure, God hath divided our fields among others. Thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord None that shall ever return to this land, to see it allotted by line, and given them to possess it. In the congregation of the Lord They shall no more be the congregation of the Lord, nor their children after them. They shall not prophesy The people often said to the prophets, Prophesy ye not; and God here declares that he would, in his displeasure, grant their desire: and that the time should come, when the prophets should no longer prophesy unto them, that they might no longer bring contempt upon themselves, or be ignominiously treated by the people, as they had long been.

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