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Verses 3-4

Micah 7:3-4. That they may do evil with both hands, &c. With all diligence; earnestly Hebrew, להישׂיב , to good it; that is, to do it thoroughly and effectually. “Their hands are bent on iniquity, to execute it fully.” So Dr. Wheeler. The prince asketh Namely, a gift; to do any one a favour, or good. And the judge asketh for a reward And the judge will not pass a decision till he has had a bribe to engage him to do it. And the great man uttereth his mischievous desire The great man at court, who can do what he will there, is bold to declare plainly his unjust, oppressive design; or, the mischief of his soul, as הות נפשׁו properly signifies. So they wrap it up The prince, the judge, and the great man, agreeing in their ill designs, make a threefold cord of iniquity: or, they twist one sin upon another, the latter to maintain or cover the former, and all jointly promote injustice, violence, and cruelty. The best of them is a brier Or, like a brier. They catch fast hold on, and retain, whatever they can lay their hands on. The most upright is sharper than a thorn Even the best among them would wound and injure on every side all that come near them. The day of thy watchmen The day in which they shall sound the alarm; and thy visitation cometh Namely, surely and speedily. The time of vengeance is coming, which hath been foretold by the prophets of former times, as well as the present, called here watchmen, as they are by Ezekiel 3:7, and by Hosea 9:8; then God will visit for all the sins thou hast committed against him. Watchmen may signify magistrates as well as prophets, (see note on Isaiah 56:10,) and then the words import the time when God will call both princes and prophets to account for their unfaithfulness in the discharge of their several offices. Now When that day is come; shall be their perplexity They shall be so entangled and insnared, as not to know what way to take.

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