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A.M. 3378. B.C. 626.


(1,) God answers the complaints of the prophet made in the foregoing chapter, telling him that in due time, after he has sufficiently tried the faith of his people, and distinguished hypocrites from saints, he will reckon with the proud Chaldeans, and bring them to ruin for their oppressions and murders, Habakkuk 2:1-8 .

(2,) He denounces fearful curses against them and their associates in wickedness; as being greedy of wealth and honour, Habakkuk 2:9-11 ; injurious and oppressive raisers of estates by injustice, rapine, and robbery, Habakkuk 2:12 , Habakkuk 2:13 , Habakkuk 2:17 ; promoters of drunkenness, and destroyers of others, Habakkuk 2:15-17 ; and worshippers of idols, Habakkuk 2:18 , Habakkuk 2:19 .

(3,) He promises that by these judgments he would spread the knowledge and fear of himself among the nations, Habakkuk 2:14-20 .

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