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Verses 2-3

Zechariah 6:2-3. In the first chariot were red horses This meant the Chaldean empire, the bloody cruelties of which were signified by the red colour of the horses. This empire being overthrown, and its power extinct, when the prophet had this vision, it is only mentioned by-the-by, for the sake of order, and nothing further is said of it. And in the second, black horses We find by the Apocalypse, Revelation 6:5, that a black horse was an emblem of famine, or dearth, so that the chariot with black horses seems to have signified the Persian empire, which brought desolation on many countries, as appears from the history of Darius and Xerxes. And in the third chariot white horses Conquerors used to ride on white horses, when they were triumphing on account of victories gained over their enemies. This, therefore, aptly denoted the almost continual victories of Alexander, who in a few years overturned the Persian empire, and set up the Macedonian. And in the fourth chariot Representing the Roman empire; grizzled and bay horses Denoting the various forms of the Roman government.

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