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A.M. 4035. A.D. 31.

In this chapter we have the latter part of our Lord’s discourse, in which,

(1,) He cautions his disciples against rash judgment and uncharitable censures and reproofs, Matthew 7:1-5 .

(2,) Shows that holy thing’s must not be profaned, Matthew 7:6 .

(3,) Gives great encouragement to pray for whatever we need, Matthew 7:7-11 .

(4,) Inculcates strict honesty and impartiality in all our dealings with others, Matthew 7:12 .

(5,) Exhorts to enter in at the strait gate, and take heed of being deceived by false prophets, who may be known by their fruits, Matthew 7:13-20 .

(6,) Cautions against trusting in a mere profession of Christianity, and shows the necessity of universal obedience to the will of God, as declared in this discourse, if we would not build on a false foundation, Matthew 7:21-27 .

(7,) The impression which this doctrine made on Christ’s hearers, Matthew 7:28 , Matthew 7:29 .

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