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Verse 12

Matthew 7:12. Therefore all things, &c. As if he had said, But it is only on this condition that he will give, and continue to give them, viz., that ye follow the example of his equity and benevolence, that you imitate the God of love; that, being “animated by his goodness, you study to express your gratitude for it by your integrity and kindness to your fellow-creatures, treating them, in every instance, as you would think it reasonable to be treated by them, if you were in their circumstances and they in yours: for this is, in effect, a summary and abstract of all the human and social virtues recommended in the moral precepts of the law and the prophets, and it was one of the greatest ends of both to bring men to this equitable and amiable temper. I say, one of the greatest, that this may be reconciled with our Lord’s declaring the love of God to be the first and great commandment, Matthew 22:38. And, indeed, it is a most absurd and fatal error to imagine, that the regulation of social life is the only end of religion.” Doddridge. Thus far proceeds the doctrinal part of this sermon. In the next verse begins the exhortation to practise it.

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