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Verses 7-9

Matthew 18:7-9. Wo unto the world because of offences That is, unspeakable misery will be in the world through them: for it must needs be that offences come Such is the nature of things, and such the weakness, folly, and wickedness of mankind, that it cannot be but they will come: but wo to that man That is, miserable is that man; by whom the offence cometh. Offences are all things whereby any one is turned out of or hindered in the way of God. If thy hand, foot, eye, offend thee, that is, cause thee to stumble; if the most dear enjoyment, or the most beloved and useful person, turn thee out of or hinder thee in the way. Is not this a hard saying? Yes; if thou take counsel with flesh and blood. For a further elucidation of the words, see notes on Matthew 5:29-30; and Mark 9:42-50.

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