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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.


(1,) in the parable of the marriage-feast, is further set forth the unreasonable obstinacy and wickedness of the Jews in rejecting the gospel and persecuting God’s messengers, and the destruction awaiting them, Matthew 22:1-7 .

(2,) The calling of the Gentiles, and their obeying the call, Matthew 22:8-10 .

(3,) The necessity of holiness in all that embrace the gospel, represented by the doom of the guest that had not on a wedding-garment, Matthew 22:11-14 .

(4,) Christ confounds the Pharisees and Herodians, who hoped to have insnared him by a question respecting the lawfulness of paying tribute to Cesar, Matthew 22:15-22 .

(5,) He proves the resurrection in opposition to the Sadducees, whose foolish objection against it he answers, Matthew 22:23-33 .

(6,) Discourses with a Pharisee concerning the first and great command of the law, Matthew 22:34-40 .

(7,) Questions the Pharisees concerning the Messiah’s relation to David, Matthew 22:41-46 .

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