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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.

This chapter contains,

(1,) The preliminaries, or preparatives, to Christ’s sufferings; in his again foretelling them to his disciples, as being at hand, Matthew 26:1 , Matthew 26:2 . In the rulers’ conspiracy to murder him, Matthew 26:3-5 . In the anointing of his head at a supper in Bethany, to the great displeasure of his disciples, particularly Judges , vv6-13. In Judas’s bargain with the chief priests to betray him, Matthew 26:14-16 . In his eating the passover with his disciples, after due preparation made for it, and discovering Judas’s treachery, Matthew 26:17-25 . In his instituting the Lord’s supper, and warning his disciples, and particularly Peter, of their approaching fall, Matthew 26:26-35 .

(2,) His entrance on his sufferings, in his agony and fervent prayers in the garden, while his disciples, whom he took to witness it, sinfully slept, Matthew 26:36-46 . In the seizing of him by the officers with Judas’s help, Matthew 26:47-56 . In his arraignment before the high-priest, and his condemnation of him as a blasphemers 57-68; and in Peter’s three-fold denial of him, of which, however, he quickly repented, Matthew 26:69-75 .

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