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Verses 13-17

Mark 2:13-17. And all the multitude resorted unto him Namely, by the sea-side. And he taught them As readily there as if he had been in a synagogue. And as he passed by he saw Levi, that is, Matthew, sitting, &c. See on Matthew 9:9-13. Many publicans and sinners sat with Jesus Some of them, doubtless, invited by Matthew, moved with compassion for his old companions in sin. But the next words, For they were many, and they followed him, seem to imply that the greater part, encouraged by his gracious words and the tenderness of his behaviour, and impatient to hear more, stayed for no invitation, but pressed in after him, and kept as close to him as they could. And the scribes and the Pharisees said So now the wise men, being joined by the saints of the world, went a little further in raising prejudices against our Lord. In his answer he uses, as yet, no harshness, but only calm, dispassionate reasoning. I came not to call the righteous Therefore if these were righteous, I should not call them. But now they are the very persons I came to save.

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