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Verses 12-13

Mark 6:12-13. They went, and preached that men should repent They went away and published everywhere the glad tidings of the approach of the Messiah’s kingdom, and exhorted men on that consideration to turn to God in true repentance, forsaking all their sins in temper, word, and work, and in all respects bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance. They cast out many devils, &c. And did many other miracles. And anointed with oil many that were sick Which St. James gives as a general direction, (chap. Mark 5:11; Mark 5:15,) adding those peremptory words, And the Lord shall heal him. He shall be restored to health: not by the natural efficacy of the oil, but by the supernatural blessing of God. And it seems, this was the great standing means of healing desperate diseases in the Christian Church, long before extreme unction was used or heard of, which bears scarcely any resemblance to it; the former being used only as a means of health; the latter, only when life is despaired of. It is not said how long they were out on this their first expedition; but it is probable they spent a considerable time in it, for Luke says, Luke 9:6, they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing everywhere.

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