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Verse 30

Mark 6:30. The apostles gathered themselves together unto Jesus Namely, at, or quickly after the time of the awful event of the Baptist’s death, related above; and told him all things, &c. Recounted to him; both what miracles they had done In his name and by his power; and what doctrine they had taught According to his direction. And he said, Come ye yourselves apart, &c. Come with me into the neighbouring desert; and rest a while After the fatigue of your journey, and let us endeavour to improve this awful dispensation by suitable meditations. For there were many coming and going, &c. To and from the public place in which they then were; and they had no leisure so much as to eat Namely, without interruption. And much less had they leisure for religious retirement and recollection. And they departed into a desert place privately Across a creek of the lake; and the people Who had been attending on his ministry; saw them departing, and many knew him

Though he was at some distance; and observing how he steered his course, and guessing right as to the place at which he intended to land, they ran afoot thither out of all cities By which they passed, thereby increasing their numbers continually. And with such eagerness did they pursue their journey, that they outwent them that had taken ship, and getting round to the shore where he was to land, they stood ready there to receive him in a large body. And Jesus, when he came out Of the ship; seeing much people Collected together, and considering what pains they had taken to meet him there, and the strong desire which they had thus manifested to receive religious instruction; and reflecting, likewise, how sadly they were neglected by those who ought to have been their spiritual guides; and how they were forced to wander from place to place, as sheep having no shepherd To feed and take care of them; he was moved with such compassion toward them That though he had come thither for retirement, he neither dismissed nor forsook them, but, on the contrary, receiving them in a most kind and condescending manner, began, immediately, to teach them many things Namely, concerning the kingdom of God, Luke 9:11; healing also as many sick as were brought to him.

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