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A.M. 3999. B.C. 5.

In this chapter we have an account of the birth and infancy of Christ.

(1,) By a singular providence he is born at Bethlehem, according to the prediction of the Prophet Micah, and laid in the manger of a stable, Luke 2:1-7 .

(2,) His birth is announced to shepherds by an angel, a heavenly host attending with songs of praise, Luke 2:8-14 .

(3,) The shepherds go to Bethlehem, and prove the truth of the tidings brought them by the angel, Luke 2:15 , Luke 2:16 .

(4,) They spread the report of his birth, and return glorifying God, Luke 2:17-20 .

(5,) He is circumcised, named, and presented in the temple, Luke 2:21-24 .

(6,) Simeon and Anna, two eminently holy and devout persons, acknowledge him as the Messiah, praise God for his birth, and prophesy concerning him, Luke 2:25-39 .

(7,) He increases in stature, wisdom, and other endowments, Luke 2:40 .

(8,) He discourses with the doctors in the temple, astonishing all that hear him with his understanding and answers, Luke 2:41-50 .

(9,) He returns to Nazareth with his parents, to whom he is subject, Luke 2:51 .

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