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Verses 39-43

Ezekiel 20:39-43. As for you, O house of Israel As, in the height of God's vengeance on the sins of this rebellious people, the distant prospect always terminated in mercy; so, with a mercy, and a promise of better times, the whole of this prophetic scene is closed; in order that those to whom it is addressed should, however criminal, not be left in an utter state of desperation, but be afforded some shadow of repose in the prospect of future peace and tranquillity. For now, turning again to these temporary inquiries after God, the prophet addresses them, As for you, O house of Israel, &c. as much as to say, "Go on no longer in this divided worship; halt no more between two opinions: if Baal be your God, serve him; if the God of Israel, then serve him only." The reason follows, Ezekiel 20:40-43. For in my holy mountain, &c. that is, "For then, a new order of things shall commence. My people, after their return from the captivity, shall be as averse to idolatry, as till then they were prone to it; and the memory of their former follies shall make them loath themselves in their own sight." But the prophesy, I doubt not, has also a reference to the final restoration of the Jews as a preparation for the universal reign of Christ.

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