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Note - The gift: - the vilest thing in the universe, - a sinner's soul.

The Giver:- God the Father.

To whom given? - to his equal Son.

Why such a gift? First, because all else belonged to Christ. Second, its very vileness afforded the largest scope for divine love to manifest itself. Third, it shall be fashioned into incomparable excellence.

In coming to Christ, there need be no trembling. We are not the principals in the matter. We are but a third party. The Lord of Hosts is bestowing upon the Prince of Peace a birthday present. Woe unto us, if we start aside and seek to interfere with that divine bounty. Let Christ have what the Father has selected for him. The Spirit that leads you to Jesus, cries out to Jesus, " the Father gives you this." Then is there joy in heaven.

Bible Verses: John 6:37

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