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He rendered satisfaction to divine justice for the offenses committed by us, and exhausted the chastisement appointed to us, so that we have reconciliation with God. His spotless purity and the infinite dignity of his person immensely enhanced the value of his sufferings, so that without being the same in kind and in duration as divine justice would have demanded, had we, the offenders, been the sufferers, they were nevertheless abundantly ample as an atonement for the sins of men. In fact the justice and holiness of God and the honor of his law, are just as gloriously illustrated by the death of Christ, as is the kindness of God to a fallen world.

Peace having been purchased for us at so tremendous a price, the question remains, Have we peace? We see how it is to be obtained. Let us see in the death of Christ, the chastisement due to us, in the cup which his Father gave him all the wrath due to our iniquities; and let us put on the robe of Christ's immaculate righteousness given us at the cross. There are some that make the cross of Christ an excuse for sinning; but they really know not that cross; they contemplate not the real Christ, nor have any knowledge of his real sufferings. Forgiveness received there, actually there, not at an imaginary Calvary, forgiveness received in company with a sense of what was undergone by Christ, dissolves the power of sin in the soul and renovates the heart.

Bible Verses: Isaiah 53:5

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