For Reading and Meditation:     Esther 9:23;10:3

The thrilling story of Esther ends with Mordecai being firmly established as Prime Minister of Persia. Historians tell us that under Mordecai's management, the land grew strong and prosperous. He was the right man in the right place at the right time. As you cast your mind back over our recent studies, does not the sovereignty of God appear in a more awesome light than ever before? Remind yourself that absolutely nothing can defeat or frustrate the purposes of God. Many things appear beyond hope to us, but nothing is irretrievable to God. He, who knows how to take occasion from Adam's fall and bring in such a perfect redemption, may be safely trusted with every event and every action of history - good or bad. Our God reigns! The Jews, in looking back over their history, give thanks to God for those occasions when He worked in great power to effect their deliverance. In honor of those events they set aside special dates and seasons. But such is the breathtaking wonder of God's grace to believers that really there are just not enough days to go round. When, after Word War II, Europe celebrated victory over the Nazis, they called it VE Day - Victory in Europe. Some years later, a boy was asked by his history teacher what VE day stood for. He replied: "Victory every day." Well, that is not what it means, but it is certainly what it can mean. In the light of God's sovereignty and love, we who are His redeemed children can live out our lives in full assurance of certain victory - this day and every day.

Father, let my consciousness be filled with the thought that the same loving sovereignty and care which went into the planning of Ruth and Esther's life is also at work in mine. Help me never forget that no matter what happens, You are always on Your throne. Amen.