I will be merciful to their iniquities and their sins will I remember no more. - Hebrews 8:12

Sin has, for its correlative, God. If there is no God, there is no sin. There may be faults, there may be failures, there may be transgression, breaches of the moral law, things done inconsistent with man's nature and constitution, and so on; but if there be a God, then we have personal relations to that Person and His law; and when we break His law, it is more than crime; it is more than fault; it is more than transgression; it is more than wrong; it is sin; and it is when you lift the shutter off conscience, and let the light of God rush in upon your hearts and consciences, that you have the wholesome sorrow that worketh repentance and salvation and life.

Oh, dear friend, I do beseech you to lay these simple thoughts to heart! Remember, I am urging no rigid uniformity of experience or character, but I am saying that unless a man has learned to see his sin in the light of God, and in the light of God to weep over it, he has yet to know " the straight gate that leadeth unto life."

I believe that a very large amount of the superficiality and easygoingness of the Christianity of to-day comes just from this, that so many who call themselves Christians, that profess it, have never once got a glimpse of themselves. I remember once holding on by the ground on the top of Vesuvius, and looking full into the crater, all swirling with sulfurous fumes. Have you ever looked into your hearts like that, and seen the wreathing smoke and the flashing fire that are there? If you have, you will cleave to that Christ who is your sole deliverance from sin.

But, remember, there is no prescription about depth or amount or length of time during which this sorrow shall be felt. If, on the one hand, it is essential, on the other hand there are a great many people that ought to be walking in the light and the liberty of God's Gospel who bring darkness and clouds over themselves by the anxious scrutinizing question, " Is my sorrow deep enough? "

Deep enough! What for? What is the use of sorrow for sin? To lead a man to repentance and to faith. If you have got as much sorrow as leads you to penitence and trust, you have got enough. It is not your sorrow that is going to wash away your sin; it is Christ's blood. So let no man trouble himself about the question, "Have I sorrow enough?" The one question is, " Has my sorrow led me to cast myself on Christ?"