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Charles Spurgeon

Tempest and long darkness, coupled with imminent risk of shipwreck, had brought the crew of the vessel into a sad case; one man alone among them remained perfectly calm, and by his word the rest were reassured. Paul was the only man who had heart enough to say, "Sirs, be of good cheer." There were veteran Roman legionaries on board, and brave old mariners, and yet their poor Jewish prisoner had more spirit than they all. He had a secret Friend who kept his courage up. The Lord Jesus...

Bible Verses: Acts 27:23

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James Russell Miller

Matthew 22:15-22 Matthew 22:34-46

The Pharisees, on those last days in the temple, were in continual and bitter controversy with Jesus. They sought to trouble Him, to ensnare or entangle Him in His conversation. We may be glad, however, for the questions they asked, because they drew from Him great...

Bible Verses: Matthew 22:15-22Matthew 22:34-461 John 4:19John 13:35Acts 27:23John 20:28

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