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Selwyn Hughes

For Reading and Meditation:     Isaiah 42:10-17

We are ready now to close in on our subject and contemplate as far as we are able the nature and character of the God we worship. Most of what we know about God is from His self-revelation in the Scriptures. We know something about Him as we look out through the lattice of nature, but because the world of nature has...

Bible Verses: Isaiah 42:10-17Exodus 20:1-7Deuteronomy 11:161 John 5:21

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James Russell Miller

Mount Sinai became the meeting-place of God and the people of Israel. The Lord met Moses on the mountain and told him that He would reveal Himself in a thick cloud, and speak to him in a voice that the Israelites would hear. Solemn preparations were made for the great event. Bounds were set, inside of which no one should pass - on penalty of death. On the third day, the promised revelation came. There were thunders...

Bible Verses: Exodus 20:4-6Exodus 20:8-11Exodus 20:13Exodus 20:14Exodus 20:15Exodus 20:16Exodus 20:17

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