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James Smith

He gives grace to form the character; gifts to fit for usefulness; wisdom to choose the course; strength to do His will; supplies to complete the design; faith to trust His word; patience to persevere and wait His time; and success to crown our efforts. The result of His thus blessing us is, we are a blessing to others; to sinners and to saints.

We are a blessing by the spirit we breathe, if it is meek, gentle, and lovely; by the example we set, if it is an imitation of Jesus; by our...

Bible Verses: Genesis 12:2

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James Russell Miller

Genesis 12:1-10

The purpose of the Bible is not to give the history of the human race - but to tell the story of redemption. In a sense, this begins with Abraham. No doubt there always were good men in the world, although the number of them at times may have been very small. The Flood left only one...

Bible Verses: Genesis 12:1-10Joshua 24:2Genesis 12:1Genesis 12:6

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T. Austin-Sparks

Get out of your country… to a land that I will show you. I will bless you. (Genesis 12:1,2)

The call of God contains both grace and truth.
Truth is the separating instrument. "Get thee out." Grace is the promise. "I
will bless and make a blessing." Man often grasps at the grace, the "I will
bless" of God, and fails to comply with the demand thereof - "Get thee out." Now...

Bible Verses: Genesis 12:1Genesis 12:2

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