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Selwyn Hughes

For Reading and Meditation:     John 20:24-31

Jesus Christ accepted worship as God. What other person in his right mind has ever made such a claim? Earlier Simon Peter had made the confession "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matthew 16:16), which was a profound and powerful statement. Some Bible...

Bible Verses: John 20:24-31Matthew 16:16Matthew 16:1-16Mark 5:1-7Mark 15:39John 1:49John 4:42John 11:24-27

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James Russell Miller

Mark 4:35 to Mark 5:20

"That day when evening came, He said to His disciples - Let us go over to the other side." There were marked days in the life of Jesus - days in which He did special things or said special words, days that were made bright and...

Bible Verses: Mark 4:35Mark 5:20Matthew 16:18Matthew 14:25-27Mark 5:2-5Mark 5:13

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