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William MacDonald

A person doesn't have to be known by name in order to accomplish great exploits for God. In fact, some of the people in the Bible who won immortal fame are not identified by their names.

There were the three men who brought water to David from the well of Bethlehem (2 Samuel 23:13-17). David considered this act of devotion so remarkable that he would not drink the water but poured it out as a holy offering. But the men are...

Bible Verses: 2 Kings 5:42 Samuel 23:13-172 Kings 4:8-172 Kings 5:3-14Matthew 26:6-13John 6:92 Corinthians 8:23

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James Russell Miller

Matthew 26:1-16

We enter now upon the last events of our Lord's life. We are within two days of the Passover. We have a glimpse of the plotting of the priests and elders, and their desire to take Jesus by subtlety to kill Him. They wished, however, to wait until after the feast, fearing excitement and tumult, and had so determined. The culmination of the plot was hastened, however, by the unexpected treachery of...

Bible Verses: Matthew 26:1-16

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