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Samuel Bagster

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak; O Lord, heal me, for my bones are troubled. My soul also is greatly troubled; but You, O Lord—how long? Return, O Lord, deliver me! Oh, save me for Your mercies’ sake! § My heart is severely pained within me, and the terrors of death have fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me, and horror has overwhelmed me. And I said, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” § You have need of endurance.While...

Bible Verses: Isaiah 38:14Psalms 6:2Psalms 6:3Psalms 6:4Psalms 55:4Psalms 55:6Hebrews 10:36Acts 1:10Acts 1:11Philippians 3:20Titus 2:13

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