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A.W. Tozer

Undoubtedly God goes along with us as far as He can in this weak and one-sided treatment of the Holy Scriptures, but He cannot be pleased with this way of doing. Our Heavenly Father takes pleasure in seeing us develop and grow up spiritually. He does not want us to live entirely on a diet of sweet stuff. He gives us for our encouragement Isaiah 41, but He gives us also Matthew 23 and the book of Jude,...

Bible Verses: Isaiah 41Matthew 23Romans 11

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Selwyn Hughes

For Reading and Meditation:     Romans 11:1-24

We continue reflecting on the meaning of grace. Illion T. Jones, a famous Welsh preacher, said that "The word 'grace' is unquestionably the most significant single word in the Bible." I agree. But it must be understood right away that grace is a characteristic of God which is exercized only toward those who are seen as...

Bible Verses: Romans 11:1-24Psalms 145:9Romans 3:1-24Acts 15:112 Timothy 2:1

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