Arinthaeus , a general under Valens, with whom St. Basil corresponds, and from whom he seeks protection for a friend in difficulty (Ep. 179). On his death Basil writes a letter of consolation to his widow, in which he dwells on his remarkable endowments, his striking personal beauty and strength, as well as his lofty character and renown. Like many others in that age, Arinthaeus, though a devout Christian and a protector of the Church, deferred his baptism till at the point of death ( Ep. 269). He was consul in the year 372, and must have died before Basil (A.D. 379). If the story told by Theodoret ( H. E. iv. 30) be true, that he was present and seconded the rebuke administered to Valens by the general Trajan in 378 for his persecution of the Catholics, his death cannot have preceded his friend's by many months. For his military achievements see Tillemont, Empereurs , v. 100.