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There is a busyness in Western christendom where all are promoting the Bible: Bible reading, Bible truths, Bible preaching, Bible memorization. Yet in the midst of all of this good desire of more conservative godly believers to elevate the Scriptures they have run into the error of forgetting about Jesus our Lord. How can one forget about the Lord while they are reading His very words and Name over and over in the Scriptures? It is not mental forgetting for His Name is on their tongues continually. It is rather a lack of communion and knowing this Lord in intimate fellowship. The Scriptures testify of Christ so we can come to Him to have life. This is not only a subtle error where we can have the Scriptures exalted yet lose communion with the Lord. What the end of this practice leads to is death, to have Scriptures, Truth and preach against error but in the end not being saved ourselves. Jesus Christ our Lord taught in John 15 that we must abide with Him continually and not go off on our own. Without the life of Christ in our daily Christian lives we are as dead as a dried out branch. A dear brother, Blaine Scogin recently shared a testimony on this subject that is worthy of repeating here: Jesus rebuked the Jewish theologians over their love of Bible study

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