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“Christian churches in America will soon be forced to go underground if they want to stay true to their beliefs and to God.” – J. D. Longstreet To think there could be an underground Church in America years ago seemed strange. But with current happenings, those who have been warning and speaking of this for years now seem somewhat relevant. Across the world, there are usually 2 types of Churches, those that operate apart from state control and those who are fully controlled by or at least ordered by the state. Whether American Christians realize it or not, many mainline churches operate like state-controlled churches in countries like China. Most Churches that operate in the underground do so in homes. In the Book of Acts we see the house church as the only method and place of the gathering of believers. Dr. Chuck Baldwin speaks on American Christians Preparing To Go Underground: In fact, I submit that the true church is not “emerging”; it is “submerging.” As in totalitarian regimes all over the world, where there are basically two types of churches: the organized State-approved church, where people who worship the State go to put on a religious show; and the underground church, where real Christians go to worship God with honest, likeminded believers. The “underground” church in America is not totally underground—yet. But the schism is taking place rapidly. Unlike the houses of State Worship, which enjoy large congregations and ornate buildings, underground churches are, for the most part, small and unassuming.” Where are you dear saint today? Are you witnessing to others? Are you living a vibrant life of discipleship everyday before the eyes or the world? Or are you just going to a 1 hour service in a building hearing words about God? The Underground Church obeys (James 1:22) and talks less. The early Church grew because all were evangelists sharing the Good News message. It was not just left the few Apostles to do all the work.

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