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It is all true believers heart to simply be involved in God's work, where He is powerfully working to extend His Church and spread the Good News of the Gospel. The early Church began as a network of godly home churches preaching the Good News of Christ and living godly life's in light of the soon coming of Jesus Christ coming back again. Gospel Fellowships burden is the same that we would be an apostolic book of Acts movement of house churches and small gatherings in any place that desire to model the Church that we find in the New Testament. Are you desiring to be involved in such a work? Consider staying tuned to regional gatherings where we will simply allow for the networking of believers. And stay tuned for the soon coming of the Principles book outlining some Principles from the book of Acts for starting a house church or small gathering in a building. Here is an excerpt from the soon coming Principles For The Gathering of Believers book: "The early church was a growing movement of multiplying house churches.131 God was adding to the number daily such as would be saved132 and there was a sense of many being saved through the preaching of the Gospel. Radical evangelism was not an option in the early Church but the only logical response to the great offer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not just a few but all the disciples133 were gripped with the burden to reach the whole known world with this message of Eternal Life. Though all efforts were made the early disciples real reliance was on the Spirit of God in their evangelism. There was a sovereign working of God’s Spirit drawing men to Himself.134 Such a working always happens when men allow God to build His Church and allow great grace to be upon them: “And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.”135 Once God is given His rightful place in the Church and is fully reckoned and trusted, a move of His working Spirit is something that should be expected. The early Church did not try to work God down from heaven but simply waited before Him for active instructions.136 As we look to the book of Acts as our model we see great growth in just a few days of the Church. Through the first 10 chapters of the book of Acts we see continual references to the growth of the Church, adding of disciples, and the spreading of the word of God. God seemed 100% focused on making new disciples. He had just sacrificed His Son Jesus for all mankind." ---- Footnotes: 131 Acts 12:24 132 Acts 2:47 133 Acts 8:4 134 Acts 16:14 135 Acts 4:33 136 Acts 13:2-3

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