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(Question) How dependant would you say the Chinese believers are on the Holy Spirit? (brother Paul) The Chinese believe all of God’s children must hear and obey the voice of the Good Shepherd. It is a daily thing, where they grow in relationship with the Lord and He speaks to them through His Word and occasionally through rhema words of direction. It is not something that is forced or hyper-emotional; it is completely natural. That doesn’t mean the Chinese have no struggles, nor does it mean their lives are so finely tuned to the Holy Spirit that they never make mistakes or find their flesh battling for attention. But generally the Chinese house church believers have learned to rely greatly on the Holy Spirit. There are numerous stories to illustrate this. One that comes to mind is of a house church in a major city in China. The authorities infiltrated the meetings by sending a secret agent posing as a new believer. The Christians immediately knew he was a danger, and prayed about what to do. The Lord gave them a plan. From that point on they had their meetings at different homes each week, and the leaders of the meeting never told the other believers where it would be! Each one had to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the meeting place to them if He wanted them to attend. The next Sunday about 40 believers turned up at the same time at a location none of them had been informed of except by God. The secret agent wasn’t there! This pattern continued weekly and the church grew. Not only did it help the different Christians learn to hear God’s voice, it was also a safeguard for the church overall, as they could be confident that only those people the Lord wanted to attend would come.

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