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Adolf Schlatter Quotes

“If it ever really comes to pass that our students read the New Testament just like they read Homer, and our exegetes explain it like they do Homer with determined elimination of every God-directed idea, then the theological faculties have reached the end of the line.” -Adolf Schlatter “Now if we de... Read More

Quotes by Adolf Schlatter on Church Life

"The terms by which Paul describes God’s grace provide the personal life of the individual with its greatest escalation. The concept of guilt places the decisive event by which our relationship with God comes into being or is broken within the depth of the individual life. As the agent of justificat... Read More

The Facts Of The External Resurrection Of Christ

If the disciples had looked for the basis of their faith in Jesus to the internal movements of their soul, the church would have turned into a gathering of mystics who spent their time trying to produce within them the ecstatic condition by which the Christ would become visible also to them. The ide... Read More

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